A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, was found in Siemens SCALANCE W1748-1 M12, SCALANCE W1788-1 M12, SCALANCE W1788-2 EEC M12, SCALANCE W1788-2 M12, SCALANCE W1788-2IA M12, SCALANCE W721-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W722-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W734-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W734-1 RJ45 (USA), SCALANCE W738-1 M12, SCALANCE W748-1 M12, SCALANCE W748-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W761-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W774-1 M12 EEC, SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45 (USA), SCALANCE W778-1 M12, SCALANCE W778-1 M12 EEC, SCALANCE W778-1 M12 EEC (USA), SCALANCE W786-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W786-2 RJ45, SCALANCE W786-2 SFP, SCALANCE W786-2IA RJ45, SCALANCE W788-1 M12, SCALANCE W788-1 RJ45, SCALANCE W788-2 M12, SCALANCE W788-2 M12 EEC, SCALANCE W788-2 RJ45, SCALANCE WAM763-1, SCALANCE WAM766-1, SCALANCE WAM766-1, SCALANCE WAM766-1 EEC, SCALANCE WAM766-1 EEC, SCALANCE WUM763-1, SCALANCE WUM766-1 and SCALANCE WUM766-1. Affected is an unknown function. The manipulation leads to authentication bypass by spoofing.

This vulnerability is traded as CVE-2024-30190. The attack can only be initiated within the local network. There is no exploit available.